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Digital Transformation - Big Data

Digital Transformation - Big Data

Databot AI - Know your data better

Big Data Implementation

Big data makes a great gift for entrepreneurs by providing business insights beyond the traditional data of a business system. Dealing with big data not only opens up great opportunities for companies, it unfortunately also creates some obstacles for many that are not always easy to overcome. With the help of big data and data warehouse analytics, every company can benefit from expanding its own analyses beyond the use of traditional business data. Before the advent of huge amounts of data, deeper, context-dependent analyses were not even possible.

Big Data + Business Intelligence: A combination that is crucial for success.

Big data alone is of little use to companies. Most of them have even accumulated an incredibly large amount of data for a long time and are at least unconsciously living the basic idea of ??the big data trend. Only the combination of big data in business intelligence platforms enables specialists to carry out the most extensive analysis and develop 360-degree perspectives on the company. Because only the optimal application of business intelligence turns big data into smart insights.

Practical Tips For An Optimal Use Of Big Data

Implement the cloud in order to build the big data platform and master the enormous flow of data. You also need experts with extensive know-how in business intelligence and statistics. Ideally, a technology competence centre is set up that can provide support for all aspects of big data infrastructure. User training should be considered so that the new data and its integration into analytical platforms can be understood and optimally implemented.

Some of Out Big Data Tools At Databot.AI

R, Qubole, Rapidminer, Talend, Apache SAMOA, Storm, HPCC, Lumify, MongoDB, Datawrapper
Knime, Cassandra, Apache Hadoop, Dataddo, Adverity, Xplenty

Why Businesses need Big Data

Upgrade Service

The circumstances created with big data offer availability to acquire, store and process a large volume of data. Therefore, they hone the company’s ability to analyze, discover, predict, and plan.

Feedback in Real Time
The fact of having the data in real time allows a quick reaction. For example, knowing the status of a launch or the result of a strategy instantly. Additionally, latency can be reduced in critical organizational processes.

Machine Learning
Data is one of the causes of this process. Instead of being programmed, machines can learn thanks to the availability of big data to generate machine learning models.

Cost Reduction
Big data implementation helps businesses with prevent loss which in turn help companies to save money. Predictive analysis is becoming more popular in different organizations.

Market Knowledge
Through multiple channels you get a 360 ° view of current and potential customers. This allows you to locate windows of opportunity, which implies anticipating consumer needs, detecting consumer trends or mismatches in customer service. In short, this amounts to having a competitive advantage.

Decision Making Efficiency
For starters, predictive analytics enables the organization to be more efficient and work proactively. In general, having and understanding more information allows you to make better and faster business decisions.

Present And Future Technology
The data big offers a great opportunity for constant innovation. In addition, it is evolving and it is most possible that in the not too distant future it will be essential for companies. This is why more and more companies are betting on digital transformation.


Why You Should Contact Databot.AI For Your Big Data Implementation

Databot.AI is one of the leading business intelligence and data analytics companies in the world. Our customers are present in different fields and our big data solutions can be applied to various industries such as:

Retail and Wholesale trade
Manufacturing and Natural Resources
Healthcare Providers
Media and Entertainment
Banking and Securities